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Zela is a Mom Owned Business, that was was created by Edith to not only teach her children entrepreneurship but also she wanted to provide quality affordable products to other families. The name ZELA comes from the initials of Edith's kids and they inspired her in many of the products she has chosen to sell on the site. Zela is a one-stop shop for school supplies, tech products, gifts for moms and fundraising ideas.  Edith is passionate about education, thus she strives to find products that also help children learn better.  She pays close attention to her customers' needs and regularly updates the site with high quality products requested from her client base. So if you have a product you would like to see on the site, let Edith know and she will find it for you!


Zela's mission is to provide the best shopping experience for all whom visit us and look forward to having you as our a customer.  We regularly have deals and promotions so please, take the first step by signing up on our site for updates.

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